McSwine Flu Shots

Had your McSwine Flu Shots yet? Get the whole series of shots down below, or the latest booster shot here:

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Or, here’s a playlist so you can get the whole series, from the beginning!


  1. Brad Hepp

    I’ll leave curb appeal suggestions to others, but be sure to hire a good Real Estate photographer. MacHoof’s snapshots won’t do justice to this property. Also, it may cost extra, but twilight shots could really bring out its charm.

  2. Marco Ciavolino

    I met Don in 1984 when I first attended school in Dallas. He has a lifetime of stunningly creative projects. And it seems he has blended all his skills, his vast imagination, and a life story into Prodigal Pig project. Frankly, the detail is mind bending with a crazy blend of accuracy and whimsy. The story blends humor with real-life issues in an irresistible narrative that will engage you at every level. Take some time today to visit the McSwine farm and join the family!

    • Don Regier

      Thanks, Marco. You’ve always inspired me, and many others.


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