Prodigal Pig Tale is a book for kids of all ages. It’s about life on a pig farm (No, it’s not a real house. It’s a 1:18 scale model that we built from scratch).


“A cat looks down upon a man, and a dog looks up to a man, but a pig will look a man in the eye and see his equal.” Sir Winston Churchill

For me, it all started back in 1965 when J. Vernon McGee told the story of the prodigal son, and jokingly mentioned “the prodigal pig.” The idea stuck with me.

In 1985 my thirteen-year-old son made our first pig, Pablo Pigcasso, using craft clay. Old Pigcasso sat there smiling at me for years, and gently prodded me to tell a story about the prodigal pig.

Since then I’ve discovered that we can learn a lot from unlikely sources. Even from pigs. This book, Prodigal Pig Tale, is about forgiving and being forgiven.

Don Regier