Lessons from a ’67 Mustang

1967 Mustang Don RegierI grew up in a Chevy family. Second-hand Chevys. When Jan and I had the opportunity to buy our first new car, I broke the pattern and decided to buy a new Ford Mustang. “Could we go look at the Chevys one more time?” my Dad pleaded. But I was hooked. And so began a love affair . . .

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  1. Tony Wong
    Tony Wong says:

    Hi Don! Thank you for this always timely reminder. I graduated from DTS in 1973. Jim Westgate was my Christian Ed. small group instructor. And you are “related” to me through Grace College of the Bible. After serving at Mosher Library for 3 short years, I went to Grace as their New Head Librarian after Ms. Lowen (?) retired. Folks there considered you to be their distinguished alumnus. They are so right!


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